The mission of the Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine is to educate and empower individuals to heal themselves using herbal medicine.



No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

March is the month of transition, from lion to lamb and every contrast in between. We are sure to experience the winter world awakening to Spring as the rising sap, radical roots and tender shoots make their way toward the sun.  I am grateful for the promise of spring as I watch the birds feed, snow recede and stoke the fire to maintain warmth.  It is time to seed the trays and clean the beds, hurray!

Today, I am making facial lotion with my friend and we shall see what happens to this seed we are cultivating.  This week I celebrate my birth and that of my Piscean sisters.  Then a friend knowledgeable in permaculture and gardening will make a plan for my gardens to use the entire acre lot.  In the meantime… we are doing renovations.  The point is change!  Change is constant and much like March everyday can be very different from the next.  I enjoy using this time to plan and prepare for the upcoming classes, events and series because as you know once the garden begins I will want to be outside with the plants.

Green Blessings,


Founded by Teresa Boardwine in 1994  Green Comfort’s goal is to offer a variety of educational opportunities for herbal studies.  Green Comfort also offers Clinical Training, Integrated Medicine and Holistic Nutrition.   Apothecary and Garden Apprenticeships are available to returning students.   Organizations and individuals can contact Green Comfort for speaking engagements.

Green Comfort Herbal Apothecary Clinic is available by appointment to anyone wishing to discuss their health concerns and  a  holistic healing regimen.  Call or email to make an appointment with Teresa and our clinical herbal staff.